Baking Basics

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Hello, fellow bakers and welcome to my blog!

In my posts you’ll find baking tips, reviews of recipes and bakeries, and delicious recipes that have been used and loved by my family for years. Before we get into all the baking fun, let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I chose to write a baking blog.

Growing up my family has always loved to cook and bake yummy treats to have around the house. I started baking at an early age just for the fun of it but my love for baking really grew the summer before my junior year of high school. My family had just moved to a new town and I had few ways to meet people with school being out. With little to do to pass my time, I filled it with looking up recipes on Pinterest and spending the day shopping for ingredients and creating my masterpiece. I especially enjoyed cupcake decorating! Stay tuned for cupcake tutorials later on in the blog with inspiration from my favorite cupcake company that we’ll explore.

Baking is something I’ve enjoyed doing my whole life and I think it’s something everyone can benefit from learning how to do. Sometimes people get frustrated with baking or give up on it because their results always turn out funny or don’t look as good as the pictures. To avoid those circumstances and to get a successful product, take a look at the following tips/suggestions I have gathered throughout the years:

  1. Measure your ingredients properly

    • Always level out dry ingredients with a knife. Even slight error can alter your end results. These clear measuring cups I use are nice because I can make sure I have the right amount and there aren’t any spots that didn’t get filled.
    • Before leveling out: FullSizeRender
    • After: FullSizeRender.jpg
  2. Use parchment paper

    • Your products won’t stick and are less likely to burn. Plus, it provides such an easier clean up! IMG_2615
  3. Read the full recipe

    • If you avoid this step, you may not realize you have to refrigerate dough or let it rise over night when you’re already on a time limit.

      Photo credit: HGTV
  4. Use an ice cream scoop for cupcake batter

    • Using an ice cream scoop provides the perfect amount in each cup and leaves little mess!

      Photo credit:
  5. Take your time

    • When you know you’re about to make a recipe, make sure you have plenty of time. If you’re rushed, you’re more likely to make silly errors that could ruin your end result.IMG_2660
  6. Don’t over-mix!

    • Have you ever made the same recipe someone else you know just made and yours didn’t turn out as well and you can’t figure out why, even after going through all the ways that could have gone wrong? It may be because you mixed your batter for too long. There’s a science that proves you’re killing all the air bubbles in the batter and granting your product a sad future of being dense, dry or flat. It’s always best to mix until your ingredients are just barely combined.

      Photo credit:
  7. Use a spatula

    • Make sure all of the ingredients have been well incorporated by stopping between mixing to scrape the sides and get any left over flour. Notice in the picture below how much flour was hiding on the sides that I wouldn’t have noticed without the spatula.IMG_2612
  8. Allow refrigerated ingredients to reach room temperature

    • When using a recipe that requires cold ingredients make sure to leave those ingredients out to reach room temperature at least an hour before mixing everything together. Using cold ingredients will cause your batter to be lumpy and everything to be less incorporated. IMG_2609
  9. Don’t forget the most important ingredient-Love 🙂

    • As everything else is in life, if you care about what you’re doing you’re guaranteed better results. Give your recipes a little TLC!

Stay tuned for my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe in the next post!

Love & Best Baking!



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