Farewell, My Friends! (For Now)

The semester is coming to a close and it’s time to analyze this ongoing blog project of mine for my last post for the class. Don’t let your sweet tooth fret, this does not mean I am done posting forever! I simply must analyze my overall performance for this post for my final grade so feel free to continue reading to check out some of my blog stats and a few things I have learned about blog writing along the way.

One of the most important things I have learned is that I love blog writing. It’s such a great way to share your thoughts with the world about something you care about and connect with others who have similar interests as you. To make your blog successful, I think the key strategy is social media sharing and adding tags to your blog. Through sharing on social media, your friends can check out your post and share through their social media and attract other readers, and through the tags feature you can attract people you haven’t connected with yet that may love your stuff!

I feel this blog has benefited me endlessly for my future careers in Public Relations. Utilizing a blog to promote a company, idea or product can be extremely beneficial so it’s important for me to learn the style of blog writing. For my future clients I will definitely push launching a blog to promote anything because you can attract so many people who you know will already be interested in your product if they find your blog through tags, and those are the best kind of clients to promote to. It’s a creative form of advertising that customers can actually enjoy. Customers will buy your product and leave with a great state of mind about your company and isn’t that the goal of good PR?

As for my own personal stats on this blog I found through the WordPress analytics, my most popular week was actually my very first week of posts! I think this may be because I put more effort into promoting through social media because I was very focused on building my audience right at the beginning. My most popular single post was my second post! For one, it was about chocolate chip cookies and who doesn’t love those? But I also think it had to do a little something with putting more effort into trying to build my audience at the beginning, as well. The most interesting stat I discovered looking through my analytics was that people from a variety of countries viewed my blog! Switzerland came in at the second next to the US for top views. I guess they like yummy treats almost as much as American’s do?

Love & Best Baking



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